It happens almost once a week. As Laura McCarthy agents field calls out of their Clayton and Town & Country offices, an individual calls and asks for “the Laura McCarthy”. The only problem is the Laura McCarthy has not been with the company for many decades…

Mrs. McCarthy, who founded the company in 1944 in Clayton, is remembered in St. Louis for running one of the few all-female businesses of that time. This is especially notable due to the fact that the real estate field was largely comprised of men at that time.

Over the years Laura’s company has grown, expanded and transformed into one of the biggest real estate names in town. Laura McCarthy agents like Sue & Katie McLaughlin still hold to the founder’s original philosophy: “You have to be scrupulously honest, and you have to realize from the start that hard work is the only thing that counts. Friends, connections, pull – they’re nothing compared to a job well done, or a client who’s satisfied with their purchase.”

This adopted philosophy is at the root of Sue & Katie McLaughlin’s business and has resulted in satisfied clients year after year who are quick to refer their services. It’s safe to say the Laura McCarthy would be proud to see agents like Sue & Katie furthering the long time, sustained success of Laura McCarthy Real Estate.